Aboriginal Community Justice Program

This is a community-based justice program that provides a culture-based pre-post charge diversion program for aboriginal adult and youth offenders who appear before the London and St. Thomas courts. This program is based on the principles of holistic healing, taking responsibility for ones’ actions, by way of justice circles in London and surrounding communities.

Goals of the Program

  • To encourage participation of the Aboriginal population within the London Region in a productive, holistic plan of care for individual who are in contact with the justice system.
  • Enable and empower the Aboriginal to progress towards restoration, reconciliation and healing.
  • To regenerate and encourage positive roles of responsibility, by means of Aboriginal Teachings, Elders and Ceremonies, which have been protected through time, and passed on, this will play a major role in the Aboriginal Justice Program. So we are Aboriginal People may rekindle our heritage.
  • Educate the London and surrounding communities of our purpose, and the importance of the Aboriginal Community Justice Program.

Who will be involved?

A supported circle of qualified, experience community volunteers/council members. Together with the Program Coordinator will hear diverted cases from the London & St Thomas Courts and devise a disposition/healing plan that encourages that client to participate in the plan and take responsibility for the offense. As part of the healing plan/disposition, networks and partnerships will be forged with the community social service organizations and justice services in the catchments area to provide “wrap around” care for the clients.

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