The N’Amerind Friendship Centre operation is based upon on the principles of providing guidance, counselling and referral services to Urban Indigenous people. The objective is to promote the spiritual well-being, mental strength, intellectual capacity, emotional stability and physical health which will enable individuals to take positive steps to promote and secure their own good health.

N’Amerind also strives to inform representatives of community agencies in London about aboriginal needs and issues through an Aboriginal voice and presence at urban community events, meetings, education forums, community networking and outreach activities. The goal is to increase the awareness levels of indigenous heritage to reach a better understanding of Aboriginal culture and uniqueness of local Aboriginal culture.

Ideally Aboriginal people are better served by health services but more importantly, includes Aboriginal involvement in areas that significantly affect health conditions of Aboriginal people in London. Our goal is to reduce the incidence of low birth weight babies born to Aboriginal teen mothers; reduce the social and health care costs associated with preventable infant mortality and disease; to improve nutrition, decrease alcohol and drug use, encourage breast feeding and promote positive family management practices.

These objectives are realized through the delivery of twenty culturally relevant programs on a daily basis including:

GeneralApatisiwin Employment & Training ProgramAboriginal Family Resource Centre – Windsor SiteCanadian Prenatal Nutrition Program – Windsor SiteAboriginal Combined Court WorkerAboriginal Family Court Work ProgramAboriginal Community Justice ProgramHealthy Weights ConnectionHealthy Babies, Healthy ChildrenCommunity Liaison ProgramGladue Writer ProgramWasa-Nabin ProgramAkwe:go ProgramWiingashk Secondary SchoolDorothy Day Learning CentreAboriginal Healing and Wellness ProgramUrban Aboriginal Healthy LivingAboriginal Drug and Alcohol ProgramLife Long Care ProgramCanadian Prenatal Nutrition Program – London SiteAboriginal Family Support ProgramCultural Teachers